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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dave Albo Works Hard for our Community

Hello 42nd District,

Now that both the Albo Campaign and the Werkheiser Campaign are in full bloom, Constituents of the District are going to start seeing Mail pieces that are negative slams against Dave. We need to remember that these Mail pieces are never correct and that somehow each time Dave does something good for our District, a Mail piece shows up saying how little he does for us! This is an outrage!

Let's keep in mind that Dave has helped his District by writing legislation that:
-Banned smoking in restaurants (while preserving "cigar bars")
-Banned Large Commercial Truck parking on residential streets
-Increased enforcement on zoning laws to fight overcrowded houses
-Cracked down on gangs. Dave wrote Virginia's anti-gang laws that recruitment of young people into gangs a felony and give additional harsh prison time for gang crimes committed near schools

Let's also keep in mind that Dave is a proud member of parent's groups for West Springfield HS and South County SS, and is closely working towards additions and renovations. Dave is working hard for our children's schools and education. Dave knows what's best for his Constituents and District because he listens to what the people have to say!

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